I started drinking at a young age. I used alcohol as a way to fit in with people. It soon turned into something I did by myself just to feel something other than my current situation. When I moved in to my first apartment my drinking got worse. I figured that I was an adult with my own home so I should be able to do what I wanted. As a result of my drinking my son suffered. I did spend a lot of time with him on his school work. He saw me at my worst as the years went by. I was in a dysfunctional relationship that was no good for anyone. For years I have been in and out of hospitals and such searching for a way off of this roller coaster. The last drunken episode I had I decided I wasn’t going home until I was on the right path to recovery. I ended up at the Connections rehab for 30 days.  Rehab helped me a great deal. I finally figured out that AA was the only way I was going to be able to gain any sort of happiness in my life. After the 30 days at rehab I came to the atTAcK addiction transitional house where I continue the road to permanent sobriety. The atTAcK addiction transitional house has given me hope that there can be life during recovery. As I set new goals for myself the staff has been supportive. I am so very thankful that I have a place like the atTAcK addiction transitional house to come too.