I am an alcoholic. I was at Kirkwood Detox when I was welcomed by Ashley to come and stay at the atTAcK addiction Transitional House to work on my addiction and get my life back in order. Since I’ve been here the staff has been very supportive and kind to me. They make me feel at home. While I’m here I am completing my DUI classes which is helping me with my alcohol problem as well as being able to listen and talk about my problems. Going to outside meetings and being able to talk to different people to reflect about the kind of person and life I was living has really helped me. I know that I can better myself with the grace of God, he is my savior. We have meetings twice a week at the house which helps me to talk about my past life. The life I was living was not good. Living at the atTAcK addiction Transitional House has helped me know the kind of life I want to keep living. Ms. Leah helps us with art therapy and also exercise therapy. Ms. Gail helps with creative things like sewing. Ms. Karen comes twice a week for AA meetings which I love. Ms. Denise comes over and sits down to talk with all of us girls for support. We do a lot of activities in the house. Also Ms. Mary is very supportive with me. Being at the house makes me think about my life and my goals. This is a beautiful house that I am so grateful for. We have house meetings all together or one on one with Ashley. As far as Ashley, she is very beautiful and supportive. Thank you atTAcK addiction for this opportunity!