Thank you for attending our 3rd Annual atTAcK addiction Gala...

At our 3rd Annual “Be a Hero Gala”, atTAcK addiction recognized the work and dedication of Karyl Rattay, MD, MS, FAAP, FACPM.

Public Health’s Dr. Karyl Rattay was presented with atTAcK addiction’s Medal of Honor at its third annual Be a Hero Gala for her ongoing work with the Prescription Drug Action Committee, for increasing access to the overdose-reversing medication naloxone and for her “empathy, compassion and dedication” to reducing the impact of addiction on Delaware families. “We have a lot of work to do, but I am so grateful we get to do it together,” Dr. Rattay told the more than 240 attendees at the 3rd Annual Be A Hero Gala.

Also honored on October 19th were:

Blue Heart Award: Sen. Bryan Townsend, who dedicated it to all of his fellow legislators, including Sen. David McBride and Reps. Michael Ramone and Kevin Hensley, who were in attendance. Sen. Townsend said he was committed to seeking additional treatment funding “because there’s always more that we can do.”
Distinguished Service Award (for significant contribution toward the mission of atTAcK addiction): Dave White of The News Journal (Reality Tour) and Donna Marshall.
Medal of Valor (awarded for their strength to maintain sobriety while working to help others): Matt Guthrie and Krystal Cassetta.
Courage Award: Department of Safety and Homeland Security Secretary Robert Coupe.
Unsung Hero Award (for selfless commitment and contributions to atTAcK addiction): Paula Mattson, Heather Hooke and Wayne White.
Persistence Award (tireless dedication to driving awareness and change toward substance use disorder): Kim Jones.

What we do with fundraising dollars

  • Passed “The Kristen L. Jackson & John M. Perkins Jr. Law”, the Delaware 911 Good Samaritan Law and produced related messaging throughout the state.
  • Opened a rent free transition living facility for women just out of treatment 
  • Developed monthly “Reality Tour” – An educational program for adolescents and their parents in New Castle County
  • Created an annual scholarship program to assist those making a difference in the recovery community 
  • Establish chapters in all three Delaware counties to provide statewide coverage
  • Provide assistance to those needing help getting into a sober living facility
  • Passed multiple Naloxone Laws for increased access to this life saving medication
                        * Over 120 lives have been saved in Delaware 
  • Conduct and participate in speaking and awareness events in schools, organizations, and communities across the state
  • Sponsor events for young people in recovery such as movie nights and special events including sponsoring a softball team as a recreational outlet
  • Open two recovery homes with reduced rent for men and women to provide a stable living environment