Specialty Tag License Plate

One of our goals has always been to educate and create awareness to those who have not been touched.  Part of these goals is to eliminate the stigma that those in use, those in recovery, and loved ones try to overcome.

We are creating a “specialty tag”/license plate for atTAcK addiction.  Many other organizations have these specialty tags.  They include:  Breast Cancer, Gold Star Families, educational institutions, branches of military service and more.  (Sample shown below)

In order to have a specialty tag, it requires 200 individuals to order such a tag.

Tags will be provided at no cost to the first 100 people who sign up for them.

The tag number cannot exceed 4 digits, have no leading zeros and no alphabetical characters.

This tag would be in addition to your registered numerical tag.  It doesn’t even need to be displayed on your car, but by doing so, we continue the awareness.  We hope that you will continue to support our life-saving cause by being part of the 200+ needed to be able to have atTAcK addiction Specialty Tag.  If you do,  complete the application form and mail with your  $10 check (made payable to Delaware Division of Motor Vehicle), to atTAcK addiction, P.O. Box 36, Bear, DE 19701

The form can be downloaded and completed on a computer or hand-written.

If you have questions, contact us at info@attackaddiction.org.

Make checks payable to Delaware Division of Motor Vehicle and mail with accompanying form to:

atTAcK addiction
P.O. Box 36
Bear, DE 19701