Please join us at our atTAcK addiction 5th Annual "Be a Hero Gala"

At our 5th Annual “Be a Hero Gala”, atTAcK addiction will be honoring Bethany Hall Long, Lt. Governor for the State Of Delaware.

When:  Thursday, October 17, 2019

Time:  6:30pm-9:30pm

The Executive Banquet Center 
205 Executive Drive
Newark, DE 19702

Bethany Hall-Long was sworn in as Delaware’s 26th Lt. Governor on January 17th, 2017.

Born and raised on her family’s farm in Sussex County, Bethany graduated from Indian River High School where she met her high school sweetheart and future husband, Dana. After graduation, she went on to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a nurse at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Upon graduation, she pursued her MSN in community health nursing. Bethany went on to complete her PhD in health policy and nursing administration from George Mason University, and served as a fellow for the U.S. Senate as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Their love of Delaware, and desire to be close to their families caused Bethany and Dana to move back and make their home in Middletown with their son, Brock.

Bethany has been a member of the UD Nursing Faculty now for nearly twenty years. She also holds a distinguished record at the University of Delaware (UD). She was the first nursing faculty at UD to receive the University-wide excellence in teaching award and is currently a Professor of Nursing and Joint Faculty in Urban Affairs. 

From 2002-2017, Bethany served as a member of Delaware’s legislature, first as a Representative and then as a Senator. She served as the chair of the Health and Social Services committee.

Bethany has long been a leader in Delaware on all health issues. She has been a friend of atTAcK addiction since she collaborate with us on the “Community Access to Naloxone” bill and many bill since.

Descended from Colonel David Hall, a judge, lawyer and 15th Governor of Delaware (1802), serving the community is in her blood. Her great-grandfather, David C. Hall, was elected to the Delaware House of Representatives (1916-1920).

Bethany has always been, and will continue to be a strong voice for all of Delaware.

What we do with fundraising dollars

  • Passed  the “Kristen L. Jackson & John M. Perkins Jr. Law”,  the Delaware 911 Good Samaritan Law and produced related messaging throughout the state 
  • Establish chapters in all three Delaware counties to provide statewide coverage 
  • Provide assistance to those needing help getting into a sober living facility
  • Continue monthly “Reality Tour”- An educational program for adolescents and their parents in New Castle County 
  • Passed multiple naloxone Laws for increased access to this life saving medication and the impact has been more than 750 naloxone kit donations given to the community. 
  • Created an annual scholarship program to assist those making a difference in the recovery community  
  • Conduct and participate in speaking and awareness events in schools, organizations, and communities across the state
  • Sponsor events for young people in recovery such as movie nights and special events including sponsoring a softball team as a recreational outlet
  • Open a rent free transitional living facility for women just out of treatment (currently have 9 residents)
  • Open two recovery homes with reduced rent for men and women to provide a stable living environment and purchased the TAK House to continue to offer sober living for women in Wilmington
  • General Assembly in Delaware passed the 1st Opioid impact fee bill

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