Dear addiction,   First off, I want to say that you’re a d—. I was doing really good before you took over my life. I had a state job, a car, my own place, lots of friends, my family loved me and always wanted me around. I was in school and had a 4.0 GPA. I was happy, I took my dog on walks every day. I spent my money on clothes and makeup and actually saved some too, but then slowly but surely you took over more and more. First you just poked your head in every now and again. I didn’t see you every day, but just enough to know you were there, always in the back of my mind. You started telling me I needed drugs more and more. You told me I didn’t like how I felt when I was sober. You told me the weed wasn’t strong enough. You told me to look for something stronger. You told me I wasn’t okay unless I was putting myself into a coma like state. I got too high to go to work, too high to go to school. Most of the time I got too high to stay awake. So this is me taking a stand, and this is me giving you an official eviction notice out of my head. Before I went to treatment I was very naïve and oblivious to you. That’s because you were whispering in my ear saying “you don’t have a problem!” You brain washed me into thinking that I was normal. That I was no different than your average person who drinks a glass of wine with their dinner at night, but now I am writing this as an educated young lady. I know about you now. I once thought you were a beautiful thing, you brought me bliss and numbed my feelings, but you have been exposed for what you really are. You’re a leach, a nightmare. You sucked the light out of me. You took everything away and I know you won’t stop until you get my life, but you get nothing from me anymore. You get the title of a monster and you get no more time in my life. I am still picking up the pieces and will spend the rest of my life keeping you away, but I WILL be happy again you will have no part in that. PS – You’re a d—.